Wednesday, November 29: Workshops / Tutorials Day

08:00 Registration
Track I Track II Track III
09:00-17:30 2nd Workshop on Hybrid Software and System Development Approaches (HELENA) 3rd International Workshop on Human Factors in Software Development Processes (HuFo) 1st International Workshop on Managing Quality in Agile and Rapid Software Development Processes (QuASD)
08:00 Registration
Track I Track II Track III
T1. Analyzing the Potential of Big Data T2. Automatic Requirements Reviews T4. Process Mining: from Zero to Hero
T3. Need for Speed – Towards Real-time Business

Thursday, November 30: Main Conference (Day 1)

08:00 Registration
09:00-09:30 Session 1: Opening Session
09:30-10:30 Session 2: Keynote I - Prof. Barbara Weber, Technical University of Denmark
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:45 Session 3A: Agile Software Development
Chair: Andreas Vogelsang
Session 3B: Data Science and Analytics
Chair: Marco Kuhrmann
Oliver Karras, Jil Klünder and Kurt Schneider. Is Task Board Customization Beneficial? - An Eye Tracking Study Leah Riungu-Kalliosaari, Marjo Kauppinen and Tomi Männistö. What can be Learnt from Experienced Data Scientists? A Case Study
Gerard Wagenaar, Sietse Overbeek, Garm Lucassen, Sjaak Brinkkemper and Kurt Schneider. Influence of Software Product Management Maturity on Usage of Artefacts in Agile Software Development Sousuke Amasaki and Chris Lokan. A Virtual Study of Moving Windows for Software Effort Estimation Using Finnish Datasets
Philipp Hohl, Juergen Muench, Kurt Schneider and Michael Stupperich. Real-life Challenges on Agile Software Product Lines in Automotive Hirohisa Aman, Sousuke Amasaki, Tomoyuki Yokogawa and Minoru Kawahara. A Survival Analysis of Source Files Modified by New Developers
Richard Berntsson Svensson. Measuring team innovativeness: A multiple case study of Agile and Lean software developing companies Jurka Rahikkala, Sami Hyrynsalmi, Ville Leppänen and Tommi Mikkonen. Top Management Support for Software Cost Estimation: A Case Study of the Current Practice and Impacts
12:45-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:00 Session 4: Keynote II - Dr. Stefan Horn, Siemens AG
15:00-15:30 Session 5: Posters Session
  Seiji Yamashita, Masateru Tsunoda and Tomoyuki Yokogawa. Visual Programming Language for model-checkers Based on Google Blockly
  Marvin Wyrich, Ivan Bogicevic and Stefan Wagner. Improving Communication in Scrum Teams
  Salilthip Phuklang, Tomoyuki Yokogawa, Pattara Leelaprute and Kazutami Arimoto. Tool Support for Consistency Verification of UML Diagrams
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-17:40 Session 6A: Software Engineering Processes and Frameworks
Chair: Dietmar Pfahl
Session 6B: Industry Relevant Qualitative Research
Chair: Sarah Beecham
Tobias Baum, Hendrik Leßmann and Kurt Schneider. The Choice of Code Review Process: A Survey on the State of the Practice Andreas Vogelsang, Tiago Amorim, Florian Pudlitz, Peter Gersing and Jan Philipps. Should I Stay or Should I Go? On Forces that Drive and Prevent MBSE Adoption in Industry
Antti-Pekka Tuovinen, Simo Mäkinen, Marko Leppänen, Outi Sievi-Korte, Samuel Lahtinen and Tomi Männistö. Unwasted DASE: Lean Architecture Evaluation Daniel Feitosa, Paris Avgeriou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou and Elisa Nakagawa. The Evolution of Design Pattern Grime: An Industrial Case Study
Diego Fontdevila, Marcela Genero and Alejandro Oliveros. Towards a Usability Model for Software Development Process and Practice Severin Kacianka, Kristian Beckers, Florian Kelbert and Prachi Kumari. How Accountability is Implemented and Understood in Research Tools: A Systematic Mapping Study
David Issa Mattos, Jan Bosch and Helena Holmström Olsson. More for Less: Automated Experimentation in Software-Intensive Systems

Friday, December 1: Main Conference (Day 2)

08:00 Registration
09:30-10:30 Session 7: Keynote III - Dr. Marcus Ciolkowski, QAware GmbH
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 8A: Software Testing
Chair: Andrea Janes
Session 8B: Software Startups
Chair: John Noll
Christian Prause, Jürgen Werner, Kay Hornig, Sascha Bosecker and Marco Kuhrmann. Is 100% Test Coverage A Reasonable Requirement? Lessons Learned from a Space Software Project Anh Nguyen-Duc, Yngve Dahle, Martin Steinert and Pekka Abrahamsson. Towards understanding startup product development as effectual entrepreneurial behaviors
Torvald Mårtensson, Daniel Ståhl and Jan Bosch. Exploratory Testing of Large-Scale Systems – Testing in the Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline Pertti Seppänen, Kari Liukkunen and Markku Oivo. Little Big Team: Acquiring Human Capital in Software Startups
Rudolf Ramler and Robert Hoschek. Process and Tool Support for Internationalization and Localization Testing in Software Product Development Matthias Gutbrod, Jürgen Münch and Matthias Tichy. How Do Software Startups Approach Experimentation? Empirical Results from a Qualitative Interview Study
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Session 9A: Scrum
Chair: Sousuke Amasaki
Session 9B: User/ Value Centric Approaches
Chair: Marco Kuhrmann
John Noll, Mohammad Abdur Razzak, Sarah Beecham and Julian Bass. A Study of the ScrumMaster's Role Aleksander Fabijan, Helena Holmström Olsson and Jan Bosch. Differentiating Feature Realization in Software Product Development
Yang Wang, Jasmin Ramadani and Stefan Wagner. An Exploratory Study on Applying a Scrum Development Process for Safety-Critical Systems Huishi Yin and Dietmar Pfahl. A Method to Transform Automatically Extracted Product Features into Inputs for Kano-like Models
Ezequiel Scott and Dietmar Pfahl. Exploring Individual Differences in Project Progress of Scrum Software Developers Melanie Stade and Holger Indervoort. Feedback Gathering at Truck Parking Europe: Experiences from a Pilot Study with the AppEcho Feedback Tool
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:30 Session 10: Closing Session